How To Achieve Scandinavian Design

To start off, let me define Scandinavian Design. This style has been around ever since the 1950s, yet it still remains a popular trend and has become a global phenomenon. Its elements focus on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Just as they say, “Less is more”.

Nature and the outdoors are also is reflected in this style. Having wood floors and adding live plants is a famous choice when introducing this design to your home. Without further ado, let me explain how to achieve the Scandinavian design.


Go with your comfort all the way. This is something I really love about Scandinavian design. They take coziness and comfort seriously. What better way to enjoy your home than to be comfortable with your home. Am I right? Go with something fuzzy, smooth leather, woven rope, chunky knit patterns, etc.


Proper lighting is key. Lighting can set the mood in a Scandinavian home design. Interior designers recommend having living room wall lights to add a modern touch to lighting fixtures. Scandinavian designers like mixing wood and metal styles together.

Do not forget to also use natural light. Play with it. Let it enter as much as possible. Since the Scandinavian design is known for its simple and cozy accents, going natural is the best way to go. Adding candles to set up the mood can also add up to your Scandinavian space. Layered lighting, and table and floor lamps are also essential in adding more warmth and visibility to this style.

Form and Functionality

This is an important factor when having the Scandinavian design. Your furniture should have a modern touch to it. Clean lines are a must.

And with the furniture, look up at its designs. Most of their tables, chairs, and sofas go for those smooth textures with rounded edges. Go for furniture with lots of functions. It is not a Scandinavian style if it does not have lots of functions. Choose shelves that are multi-layered and furniture with a double purpose.

Wood and Metal Finishes

A Scandinavian house often has wood for its furniture. But recently, they have a trend in which they add a metal touch to their wooden-styled home. Using metal such as copper and brass ultimately gives out a shine to its interiors and to your room.


Try to keep nature close to heart when designing in a Scandinavian style. If you have a garden, use somewhere similar to this Richmond landscape design company to help you design your outdoor space. Think rocky terrain. water and lots of alpines! This will help to ensure cohesiveness between your interior and exterior.


Limit your window treatments. As much as possible, if you are going with a Scandinavian design, then only use light fabrics for your curtains, preferably linen and sheer to let light freely enter as it should. Plantation Shutters work well too, so there are plenty of options. Some even just tend to leave their windows without any coverings. You will get to enjoy the sunlight in the day and have an illuminated glow at night.


In choosing the right flooring for your Scandinavian-styled home, go with light-colored floorings. Usually, Milwaukee Hardwood Floor Installation services and their likes use light hardwood materials for the flooring. You can also choose natural colors and paint them white. The choice will always be yours.

This kind of flooring also contributes to having more space and more light enter. Just the perfect coziness for a Scandinavian home. And for the bathrooms, they often use heated tiles to keep warm underfoot during the winter season.


Neutral colors are the way to go. The Scandinavian palette only limits itself to four colors. Whites, grays, blacks, and browns are the popular choice. It just sends out that clean and calming look to your space. The usual Scandinavian walls would be white since it reflects natural light better and matches perfectly with wooden furniture.


Plants, plants, and more plants! This is every interior designer’s suggestion when opting for the Scandinavian design for your home. It is essential for a Scandinavian home to have indoor plants and fresh flowers inside rooms. When you visit the Scandinavian region, you will get to see their streets lined up with florists selling flowers. What is a Scandinavian styled home without fresh flowers? Am I right?


Minimalism is the key to a Scandinavian home. Avoid wanting to put something in every space. Keep everything simple, and as I have said, “Less is More”. Be organized and you will achieve the Scandinavian Design.

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