About The Bastard

Alright, it may be a crass name for a site. Bastard Pop. But I am a bit of a crass person. And hey, it got you reading, didn’t it? The system works. Plus, when you get to my age you stop being as fussed about such things, even if you want to keep reading now you know that was a ruse, then please go right ahead. I won’t be changing it, that’s for sure.

So, who’s the man behind the website? Me. I’m Tim Burley. Lifelong fitness and finance enthusiast. worked a long career in the landscaping industry, and now enjoying retirement. In a sense. I’ve never been too good at dealing with nothing to do, and now I have a lot of time devoted to just that. Nothing. Exhausting, it is. So I figured instead of sitting here stewing in my life as it is, I would do something to keep my mind sharp and fill the time in between everything.

Hence why Bastard Pop exists. It is a place for me to put my many thoughts, advice and expertise I’ve gained in over 60 years of being on this planet. Everyone has something to share, but listening to your pop can help you get a good start in life. Or something like that.

I want to keep my mind healthy and strong as I get on in years. My body will take care of itself as I work out regularly and eat well, though age will inevitably take its toll, but the mind can slip easily over time. Learning a new skill (for me, that’s writing) can help counter that. In that sense this site is insurance for myself, if you think about it.

Don’t hurt yourself thinking about it now.