How to Stay Healthy During This Pandemic?

During this pandemic, I lost track of my fitness routine and goal. With all the news I kept seeing on television and social media, I ended up getting overwhelmed. I lost my direction, got stressed, gained weight, and began to be anxious easily. This was a similar situation for my friend who without a reliable internet connection struggled to stay in contact with loved ones and work from home. She has since sorted it out through contacting local internet providers and companies similar to hughesnet internet to find a suitable provider who could help her to potentially sort out her situation. Issues like this I’m sure I will be common for many individuals globally.

Now, I am starting to get back to my usual self, and here is what I follow to stay healthy and positive during this time of pandemic:

Stay in the Garden for Some Fresh Air

It is easy to spend so much time browsing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. It is fun to watch engaging videos. But sometimes, other posts and content are toxic and negative, affecting your mood and perspective. Limit the time you browse any of your social media accounts and try to find another interest. Getting close to nature is a must-try. But you do not need to leave your house. Look around and enjoy the fresh air from your lush lawn and garden. It is relaxing, right?

Be Resourceful

You do not have dumbbells, medicine balls, and other fitness equipment. But do not lose hope. You can improvise. Go to your attic, basement, or garage. Then, find an empty bottle. You can fill them with water, sand, or cement to add some intensity and resistance to your squat and other specific workout routines. You can substitute your couch as a bench for your body dips and push-ups. You can use the stairs for your cardio exercise, helping you burn more calories and stay in perfect shape. You do not only save some cash but also stay fit.

Engage in any Physical Activity Like Sports

Any workout routine is enjoyable. But playing sports is more engaging. What sports to try, though? If you have a wide playground and yard, you can turn it into a mini basketball court. Instead of playing solo, level up your experience with a family member and close friend. Do not be afraid to try something new. You can go rock climbing and swim for more exciting adventures.

Chores are a Perfect Addition To Your Routine

Who wants to do chores? Not everyone loves that because it is exhausting. But it is a great workout. If your lawn has extra weeds and has grown tall/thick, you can mow it yourself. Believe me! You can not only keep your garden in top shape but also maintain your weight. You are like killing two birds with one stone, right? If you have not done any chore at home before, you would love it during this pandemic. For starters, you can begin by inspecting your garden for any pest infestations. If you do find one, you may have to look for local pest control services. For instance, if you are someone from Iowa, looking up pest exterminator in iowa on the internet can show you providers of such services near you. Once that problem is taken care of, you can think about planting some new flower beds. That way, you can keep your home aesthetically stunning and clean with a new learning experience achieved.

Drink More Water

Most health experts recommend at least eight-ounce glasses of water. But what is surprising is that only 22% follow the guidelines. Plus, studies found that around 35% of Americans only drink four to seven cups of water every day. Most of us do not drink enough water that our system requires. Experts also say that water carries out different bodily functions. It removes waste and transports oxygen throughout our system. Alternatively, you can eat fruits and veggies to stay hydrated.

Take a Break

Whether you are binge-watching on Netflix, looking after the kids, or working from home, I suggest you take a break, especially if you sit in front of the computer for the entire day. You can sip your favorite brand of black coffee. You can prep your go-to snack to satisfy your cravings and taste buds. The most important thing of all is to stretch to relieve the tension in your neck, shoulder, and back. Stretching can also prevent injury and ensure overall well-being. Furthermore, as a result of the pandemic, we tend to sit in front of our computers or smartphones in a stretch, watching our favorite shows. It might lead to hearing problems or strain your eyes, even if you are already taking steps to help with this, such as wearing blue light glasses to help filter the glare out of screens and make looking at the screen a little more comfortable. Hence, it becomes even more important to take care of your eyes and ears. You can visit an eye specialist from time to time to get your eyes tested and an ear specialist who can perform the hearing test or even earwax removal in case you need it.

Limit Foods High in Saturated Fat, Added Sugar, and Sodium

Processed foods are time-saving and easy to prepare, but processed foods are rich in added sugar, saturated fats, and sodium that are found to cause health problems, high blood pressure, and weight gain. I encourage you to stick to simple and healthy recipes. While fresh produce is accessible in malls, nothing is more affordable than buying from a farm. That way, you can be sure that every veggie and fruit is of good quality and free from preservatives.

I wish you good health and stay safe!

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